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            The latest Global Tourism Competitiveness Report released, China in this regard first

            The World Economic Forum (WEF) released THE TRAVEL & TOURISM COMPETITIVENESS REPORT 2019. This year's report covers 140 countries and regions around the world. Spain, France, Germany, Japan, t

            The LPR cut is conducive to pushing down the real lending rate

            On November 20th the fourth bid for the "new issue" loan market rate (LPR) was announced.The People's Bank of China authorizes the national inter-bank lending center to announce: the 1-y

            Central bank: actively carry out research on financial standardization and promptly train talents for financial standardization in the new era

            Beijing, Nov. 21 (xinhua) -- the national financial standardization technical committee (hereinafter referred to as the gold standard committee) held its 2019 working meeting and the third plenary ses

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