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            Central bank: actively carry out research on financial standardization and promptly train talents for financial standardization in the new era

            2019-11-23 11:02:34 xinnet 1

            Beijing, Nov. 21 (xinhua) -- the national financial standardization technical committee (hereinafter referred to as the gold standard committee) held its 2019 working meeting and the third plenary session of the fourth committee in Beijing on Nov. 20, 2019.

            Fan yifei, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, pointed out that under the guidance of the development concept of "benefiting the people and enterprises", financial standards support the modernization of financial governance and the healthy and orderly development of the financial industry.We continued to improve the system of new financial standards, made notable achievements in the development of standards for financial enterprises, achieved notable results in the implementation of financial standards, integrated the development of financial standards and financial governance, and significantly enhanced the ability of financial standards to support two-way openness in the financial sector.

            Fan yifei stressed that we should accelerate the internationalization of financial standards, actively carry out research on financial standardization, promptly train talents for financial standardization in the new era, and promote the fundamental and strategic role of financial standards in the modernization of financial governance system and governance capacity.

            Liang tao, vice chairman of the China banking insurance regulatory commission (circ) and executive vice chairman of the gold standard committee, said the circ is actively promoting the in-depth development of insurance standardization, insisting on improving the standard system, enhancing the supply of standards, improving the quality of standards and promoting the implementation of standards.In the future, efforts will be made to build a new governance structure for standardization organizations to better adapt to the needs of standardization in the cross-domain integration of new models and new business forms. Great efforts will be made to improve the quality of standards, improve the quality assurance system of standards, promote the effective implementation of standards, promote the linkage between standards formulation departments and implementation departments, and improve the application effect of standards.

            Zhao zhengping, vice chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission and executive vice chairman of the gold standard committee, pointed out that China Securities Regulatory Commission focuses on the implementation of standard planning, promotes the application of data model, improves the level of industry data governance, improves the level of informatization of standard and industry code management with the support of standard network platform, and promotes international standardization.In the future, we will further improve the standardized management system of securities and futures, intensify the development and breadth of standards centering on the regulatory requirements of the capital market, promote the application of industrial data model in the securities and futures industry, strengthen the implementation and supervision of standards, and intensify the tracking, evaluation and transformation of international standards.

            In addition, the meeting reviewed the key points of financial standardization work of the golden standard committee in 2019-2020, the adjustment of the members of the golden standard committee, the budget and final accounts of the golden standard committee and the framework of the financial standards system, and notified the activities of the "leader" in the financial sector.(wang renhong)