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            Loving enterprise donates 100 thousand yuan to prevent epidemic fund to show society to bear fully

            2020-02-24 14:24:13 xinnet 7

                Great love is boundless ,fight together epidemic situation .On February 24 ,Guangdong daxiang industrial investment group co. ,ltd .donated 100,000 yuan of anti-epidemic funds to the Red Cross society of yongding district to contribute to the outbreak .Zhu fadong ,deputy secretary of yongding district committee and district chief ,attended the donation ceremony and issued donation certificates for the caring enterprises .

                Guangdong daxiang industrial investment group co. ,ltd .is always concerned about the life and health of the front-line staff in yongding . This time , we donated 100,000 yuan of funds for epidemic prevention to the Red Cross society of yongding district , demonstrating the enterprise's responsibility with practical actions and helping the whole society to tide over the difficulties of epidemic resistance . (Liao xinyi , reporter of yongding district rong media center)

                Source : The micro yongding official accounts