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            Zhangjiajie: Yongchang road north grain oil company around the city shantytown reconstruction project signed

            2020-04-09 23:31:32 xinnet 3

            Red net moment zhangjiajie April 9 - (reporter hu xiaohong) In order to implement the provincial housing and construction department assigned the task of the shantytown project, effectively promote the project expropriation work, revitalizing the shantytown project land assets.On the morning of April 9, the signing ceremony was held between zhangjiajie tianmen tourism economic investment co, LTD and guangdong daxiang industrial investment group co, LTD.

            The contracted project is the shanty town reconstruction project around yongchang road north of the grain and oil company.The specific location is: east of jusong road, south of yongan road and xixiping Lao street, west of wanxiao alley of xixiping center, and north of yongchang road. The planned land area of the project is about 175 mu.The construction contents of this project include five-star hotel, 5A office building, foreign house, high-rise residence, etc.

            The construction of the shanty town reconstruction project around yongchang road north grain and oil company will help to improve the living conditions of residents, improve the quality of the city, and improve the quality of life and sense of gain of the people.

            Source: red net zhangjiajie station

            Author: hu xiaohong

            Editor: wang jie