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            Technology industry

            In the field of polyurethane materials, Daixiang Group actively responds to the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, and constantly develops and innovates. Its products are based on domestic and overseas bestsellers, providing high-quality environmental protection products for the polyurethane industry, forming the group's industrial profit group, and laying the foundation for the diversified development of the group's business.

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            Financial investment

            With the continuous enrichment and rapid development of commodity economy, Daixiang group pursues a diversified development strategy mode in the financial field. Based on funds, stocks, futures, warrants and patents, Daixiang group provides personalized financing platform for enterprises and individuals.

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            Industrial real estate

            Under the background of new economy, new industry and so-called world factory (Dongguan), with industry as the support, real estate as the carrier, industrial buildings, industrial plants, high-tech research and development houses as the main development objects, Daxing group integrates investment, development, operation and management to promote the development of the group

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            The development project of Zhangjiajie Honghe Valley Health Tourism Zone is a key investment project of the group, which echoes with Tianmen Mountain, a 5A scenic spot. It is also one of the major tourism planning projects of Zhangjiajie City. Based on health and maintenance, the project carries out the tourism mode of ecological experience tour, ecological education tour and ecological cognition tour, which adds a lot of color to the diversified development of the group.

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